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About Us
Never ending technological progress brings higher convenience and efficiency in processes that span the payment industry. We work hard to stay relevant in this constantly changing environment to provide reliable payment services and support to the most demanding clients and businesses.
SredaPay is an international company providing high-tech services in the field of Internet acquiring to corporate clients around the world. The company’s work is based on an individual approach to the requirements of each client, and we are ready to offer our customers only the best-in-class solutions. Our solutions include: modern technologies, processing of online payments, electronic wallets, money transfer services, issue of payment cards, etc.
SredaPay is headquartered in Tallinn, in the beating heart of the Fintech industry. Built on the latest technologies, our solutions and services bring so much needed mobility to the financial world. From online payment processing and money transfer services to payment card issuance – we offer everything you need for your online business. SredaPay is headquartered in Tallinn, and has a number of offices in various countries around the world.

Brand Values

of our team to exceed client expectations
to adapt to our customers
to accelerate leadership in the payment industry
of our clients as a key to anything we do
countries with implemented projects
11+ years team experience in payment industry
500+ customers