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Connect to the different payment methods that are convenient for your customers

Our system is suitable for any business in the field of e-commerce


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    Millions of shoppers like to pay differently

    Your customers will be able to make payments from the card, from the phone balance or via the sent payment link. Someone will prefer to pay in one click using ApplePay or set up recurring payments. And you can make mass payments or cashbacks to your customers

    As the most common payment method, it is suitable for any merchants on the Internet. Most customers know how to use card payment and prefer to pay that way. Accepting payments via Apple Pay / Google Pay Many customers have fallen in love with ApplePay for the security and convenience of paying in one click, without having to enter card details every time.

    Many customers have fallen in love with ApplePay for the security and convenience of paying in one click, without having to enter card details every time.

    This method of accepting payments is also called Mobile Commerce. Payment from the phone is in demand among buyers, where the payment amount is up to 5,000 tenge.

    Recurring payments If your business involves recurring payments, connect "Recurring payments", which will allow your customers to set up a recurring payment for a certain amount in a certain period.

    After consulting the client by phone, so as not to lose it, the best option is to immediately send the buyer a link to payment in the form of SMS, by mail or messenger.

    If your business involves transferring money to customers or employees, then a service called "card payments" or "mass payments" will help you. This is not the same as card-to-card money transfers, as money is transferred from the company's account to the cards of individuals.

    Send cashbacks to your customers phone balances.


    Our company uses advanced payment protection methods. We will ensure high security and safety of incoming payments

    • Encryption

      The data is encrypted on the transport
      Level- TSL 1.2 - и на
      прикладном уровне алгоритмом RSA

    • Safety Certificate

      Fast and reliable payment acceptance,
      PCI DSS lvl 1 3D secure Fraud Protection

    • 3D secure

      Fraud protection


    Why choose to work with us?

    Payment links

    If you accept orders by phone, you can generate and send a payment link to the client via SMS, messenger or e-mail, by which the client will immediately pay for your order

    Payment links

    One-click payment

    The client does not have to re-enter the card details if during the initial payment he ticked the box to agree with the terms of such payments - we will save all data for subsequent payments

    One-click payment

    Automatic payments

    Your client will be able to set up automatic payment for your services on a periodic basis

    Automatic payments

    Payment widget

    Accept payments with a widget integrated into your website

    Payment  widget

    Simple API that is easy to integrate into the site

    Save development time with unified payment features.


    High payment conversion

    One of the important factors in online trading. Everyone who sells online pays attention to the percentage of successful payments. The client may not reach the end due to an inconvenient interface or for technical reasons. With us, the conversion rate can increase by up to 95%

    Low fee

    Write your current commission, we will select a suitable tariff and contact you.


    Diversification - Always have a fallback

    To protect yourself from a commission increase or a technical stop in accepting payments, you should always have fallback payment solution

    You can connect our solution without disconnecting other services, compare conversion, commission


    Who is it suitable for?

    Our payment solutions are suitable for almost any legitimate business that trades on the Internet:

    • Internet shops
    • Online Games
    • Delivery service
    • Online learning

    We are boarding payments for existing companies, and for Internet startups, and for businesses moving from offline to online. Fill out the application form so that we can offer the best conditions for cooperation

      SredaPay is all about efficiency! SredaPay specialists are available 24/7, 365 days a year to solve problems with the service.

      In a short period of time, we have become one of the fastest growing payment platforms in Kazakhstan and the CIS

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